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Denise Hall - Hatfield
" I would like to thank the instructors at the Hatfield classes who have made me feel very welcome. I went along a rather nervous lone female and loved the class. I have now completed two classes and look forward to many more. "
Tracey Oddy - St. Neots
" Qi Kwan Do has changed my nephew for the best. He is on the autistic spectrum and loves the training and all the new friends he has made.

He has been training now for 4yrs, is now a C.I.T training to be an instructor and has just done his First Dan grading which he passed.

He has gained so much confidence that now, aged 12, he can stand up in front of a whole class of kids and adults and take the classes with no worries and it's all under the watchful eye of a great instructor. I would recommend Qi Kwan Do to anyone and everyone. "
Cheryl Wilkie - St. Neots
" Our son attends these classes and gets a lot out of them in terms of fitness, discipline and enjoyment. Mr Coles is firm but fair and very good with the children. My husband now also attends the classes and it's a great activity for them to do together. "
K O'Brien - Huntingdon
" We attend Qi Kwan Do classes twice a week and have always trained as a family. Training together we motivate and support each other with some friendly competition. If one of us learns a new move, we all want to learn and perfect it. Doing QKD with your kids definitely strengthens our family relationship. Its valuable time spent together learning an new skill, improving fitness and it's really fun too! "
Kim Hutchinson - Hitchin
" I discovered Qi Kwan Do in January 2011 when I was looking for a new activity for my family to do together. We had recently moved to Hitchin and it was a time for new discoveries and opportunities. I chose the Parisi Black Belt School as the school teaches all the values that I wanted to develop in my children such as courtesy, integrity, respect, self-confidence and self-discipline, along with the self-defence skills. My husband and I also wanted to improve our fitness levels and flexibility.

What an amazing year we have had! We have achieved so much as a family. My son (aged 8) has learnt to stand up for himself at school against a bully and has developed his self-discipline, whilst my daughter (aged 10) has really improved her self-confidence. My husband can now touch his toes (!) and has tremendously improved his flexibility and strength, as have I.

In the world that we live in today I feel that learning self-defence is a life skill that everyone needs to learn, like swimming. Hopefully my family will never need to use it outside of the school but it's nice to have the confidence and knowledge to defend ourselves if the situation arises.

Master Parisi is a wonderful family man who will always go the extra mile to help you improve yourself, not just in the martial arts world, but more importantly in life. I would recommend this school to anyone.

As Master Parisi says...I end withgratitude. "
Robert Allen - Amsterdam
" Iíve been looking for just this kind of class for years. We train in a friendly atmosphere and I can really see the progression in my technique from week to week. Helen is an excellent teacher and the classes work in such a way that you train to your current ability while always striving to improve your level and prepare for the next belt. The fact that the classes are taught in English is also definitely a plus for me as it means I never feel like Iím missing something important and I can ask questions if I donít understand. Iíd recommend this class to anyone who is interested in martial arts or who just wants to improve their overall physical condition. "
George Paphitis - Borehamwood & Radlett
" I tried to get my son, Adam, into all sorts of hobbies and sports, but he never stuck to anything for more than 2 or 3 weeks. After only 3 weeks of joining Qi Kwan Do he told me he wanted to be a Chief Instructor and own his own school.
He was 10 years old when he first signed up for QKD, he is now 14, a black belt, and in the CIT (Certified Instructor Training) program.

I have found the instructors to be amazing and very understanding people, who I am glad to call friends. A special thank you to bother Master and Mrs Parisi who we cannot than enough for all they have done, and continue to do, for Adam. "
Richard Stangroom - Hertfordshire
" Back in the summer of 2006 my 5 year old son mentioned that he was keen to take up a martial art. I myself had previously trained for three different martial art styles but in every case, for variously reasons the classes ended after a year or two. I found this very frustration as it meant that I was never able to reach my goal of becoming a black belt.

With this experience in mind I decided to search out a local school which wasnít run by just one instructor. When I came across Qi Kwan Do I was very impressed with the setup as there were many qualified instructors taking many classes in various locations (many of which were reasonably local to us) and providing a wide range of days and times in which we could train.
The structure was very well setup to take on families and base on what Iíd seen, my friend and I together with our two five year old sons decided to join.

There were three main reasons I was happy for my son to take up a martial art; firstly I was keen for him to gain the discipline, respect and confidence that goes hand in hand with most martial arts, and is taught at Qi Kwan Do. Secondly, with the less active life children seem to be living nowadays, I felt it was important at his age to install in him an attitude of fitness which will now hopefully be with him for the rest of his life, and finally, should the need ever arise, to provide him with the ability to effectively defend himself.

We have now been taking Qi Kwan Do lessons for over four years and thanks to Master Parisi and numerous Qi Kwan Do instructors, have reached the grade of Brown Belt SeniorÖ..our next belt will be Black! "