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2020 Black Belt Grading
  We expect the 2020 Black Belt Grading to go ahead in December, pending updates to Government advice.[Read More]  
Latest News
General News | St.Neots/Huntingdon Grading 28th April 11 at 10:58
The schedule for the grading in St.Neots on Saturday 30th April 2011 is as follows: 9.30am Black Belts and Brown Senior; 10.30am Yellow Belt up to and including Brown Belt; 11.30am White and White Senior
General News | May 1st Stevenage Grading 12th April 11 at 14:58
Available to all Qi Kwan Do students, the Stevenage Grading will be held on Sunday May 1st -- Gradings begin at 12 Noon -- see your Chief Instructor or contact Master Parisi to book your place -- Odyssey Centre, Old Knebworth Lane, Stevenage, SG2 8DU -- master.parisi@qikwando.com
General News | Self-Defence Seminar 10/04 29th March 11 at 16:44
Don't forget to book your place at the WKMA Self-Defence Seminar on Sunday 10th April, from 2pm to 5pm -- Learn Krav Maga techniques for defence against many attacks, including guns and knives -- At the Odyssey Knebworth, Old Knebworth Lane, Stevenage -- Only £30 Adults, £15 Children (10+ only)
General News | Grading Schedule for Huntingdon Sunday 27th March 2011 24th March 11 at 12:51
The schedule for the grading in Huntingdon on Sunday 27th March 2011 is as follows: 11am to 11.45am Little Dragons; 11.45am to 12.30pm Black Belts; 12.30pm to 1.15pm Orange Senior up to and including Brown Senior; 1.15pm to 2pm Yellow Senior up to and including Orange Belt; 2pm to 2.45pm White Belt, White Senior and Yellow Belt. Please ensure you carry out your own warm up prior to your timeslot. Good luck everyone!
General News | Self defence seminar 17th March 11 at 14:31
For the first time the World Krav Maga Association, in conjunction with Qi Kwando Association will be holding an International Krav Maga and Self defence seminar. The course will include defence against a variety of attacks including defence against weapons, knifes, guns etc... £30 adult - £15 child The course will be on Sunday 10th April 2011 from 2.00pm Ė 5.00pm At Old Knebworth Lane, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. For more information about this course please contact us. Master. Parisi - mob: 07713785806 Email: master.parisi@qikwando.com Chief Instructor of WKMA Alex Paris - mob: 07763812232 Email: alexparis@sky.com www.wkma.uk.com
General News | New school opening in Berkhamstead! 13th March 11 at 16:08
On Tuesday 15th March the Berkhamstead school opens at Kids Zone (2pm Little Dragons, 4pm Children). For more information please contact Mr Sears (07825789464).
General News | Upcoming Weapons Seminars. 2nd March 11 at 08:33
20th March, 12-3pm - Weapons Training with Joe Hallett (£20 Adults, £10 Children). 10th April, 2-5pm - WKMA Self Defence Seminar for Ages 10+ (£30 Adults, £15 Children). At the Stevenage Academy, Odyssey Knebworth Ltd, Old Knebworth Lane, Stevenage, SG2 8DU. See your Chief Instructor if you'd like to book a place. Posters for the events are available in the Gallery.
General News | Grading Schedule for Saturday 26th Feb 2011 22nd February 11 at 14:26
St.Neots Grading schedule: 9.30am White Belt up to and including Orange Belt; 10.30am Orange senior up to and including Red senior; 11.30am Brown Belt, Brown Senior and Black Belts. Good luck everyone! Please ensure you bring your passort grading booklet and that the licence/insurance hasn't expired.

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